Old Man Winter Is Here: Icy Chill in NEPA

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SHENANDOAH -- People huddled against the icy winter chill in Shenandoah Monday night.

After months of unseasonably warm weather, it seems Old Man Winter is here.

“It’s a little cold. It’s finally getting cold after being warm for quite a while. Getting a little sick from like being warm, to all the weather changes,” said Patrick Rowan of Shenandoah.

With nighttime temperatures in the single digits, the Stormtracker 16 team says this is the coldest it’s been since March of last year.

While many could stay warm in their vehicles, Steve Bolinsky of Shenandoah had to brave the frigid night air on his bike.

“It’s unbearable. My hands are numb, but you gotta do what you’ve got to do, you know? To get to Point A to Point B,' said Bolinsky.

This time of year, yes, the cold weather is to be expected, but people say they’re just not sure they can handle this type of cold for a few more months.

“It’s what you expect for winter, so we kind of got spoiled in December with all the nice weather. Never prepared for it, but you have to do what you have to do,” said Theresa Clews of Ringtown.