Intermodal Transportation Center Opens in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- After years of planning and construction, the new Intermodal Transportation Center opened Monday morning.

The $12.4 million building sits along Lackawanna Avenue, where state employees used to park their cars.

Lackawanna County officials said COLTS buses, long distance buses from Martz, taxis, and a train station all sit under one roof.

The building features indoor seating, out of the cold, plus vending machines and public restrooms.

Bus drivers will also have a break room inside of the building.

Lackawanna County's new Intermodal Transportation Center got off to a quiet start, opening a few minutes late due to some miscommunication, according to a COLTS employee, a glitch involving who was supposed to be there, and what time. They promise it will be fixed.

Bill Yalowey was the first passenger there, disappointed to find a closed and dark building.

"I got a little upset because I wanted to go in and stand inside for a few minutes until the bus came. I thought it would be nice to be a little warmer than be out of the cold," Yalowey said.

Eventually, Yalowey got on his bus and went to work in Old Forge.

Shannon Gordon was the first one inside, right after the doors opened, just before 6 a.m.

"I think it's a lot safer, lights and stuff. You could see what's going on."

The $12.4 million building is more than lights and a warm place to sit. There are schedules to take with you, because COLTS has changed some routes and schedules.

COLTS' chief operating officer expects an easy adjustment.

"We aren't really taking any stops away from anywhere. We've just added this location to be the starting and ending point of where we're doing anything," explained Mark McClanan.

That's the main thing COLTS riders should know. Every route begins and ends on Lackawanna Avenue.

While the new Intermodal Transportation Center is up and running for COLTS buses, another tenant of the building is missing. The long distance carrier, Martz, is still operating from its old terminal, directly across the street.

A COLTS passenger likes the building, but she, too, is waiting for something else.

"I think it's beautiful, nice, light," said Pat Hall. "The only thing missing is a Dunkin Donuts."

Martz says it will be there when its phone lines are installed.

There are no plans for a Dunkin Donuts. Passengers will have to get by with vending machines inside while they wait for those buses to pull up outside.

The Intermodal Transportation Center is open at 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

You can check for the new COLTS schedule by clicking here.