Locals Anticipate President’s New Gun Regulations

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President Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday before he is expected to unveil executive actions on gun regulations.

Here in our area, that has people on both sides of the issue wondering how big of a difference this will be.

When it comes gun violence, the pain is still very real for Carol Golden of Wilkes-Barre.

"It's hard," she said. "It's hard to try to explain."

Back in April of 2012, 14-year-old Tyler Winstead was shot to death in Wilkes-Barre. At first, it was reported to be a drive-by shooting. Later, investigators learned that Winstead was "accidentally" killed by a friend.

Now, nearly four years later, Winstead's grandmother is hoping that people can finally get behind tougher gun regulations as she sees more and more victims of gun violence across the county.

"Maybe my grandson didn't die in vain," she said. "Maybe none of these people have died in vain if they can structure and make it harder."

The President announced in his weekly address that his new year's resolution is to wrap up unfinished business, including tighter gun control.

"We know that we can`t stop every act of violence," said President Obama. "But what if we tried to stop even one? What if Congress did something - anything - to protect our kids from gun violence?"

But for gun owners, like those Newswatch16 spoke with in Archbald, they believe it doesn't matter what restrictions the President puts on; it's not going to stop the problem of gun violence in this county.

"It's going to make people panic more and it's going to be nothing but crazy," said Todd Mosher of Carbondale. Mosher works at a gun distributor. He's seen how the country has reacted to the President's past announcements on gun regulations.

For him, this new announcement is no different because he doesn't believe new regulations will help address the problem of keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

"Criminals don't obey laws," Mosher added. "They break them. If they take guns away from us, they're putting us in more danger than they are doing good for us."

The President has tried to implement stronger gun regulations before, but a bipartisan bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate in 2013 in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook.

It's unclear when exactly the President will issue any executive orders, but President Obama has planned a Town Hall on guns for Thursday.


  • NyRaised

    Here is what a few past Presidents had to say on this issue.
    “By calling attention to a well-regulated militia for the security of the Nation, and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fear of governmental tyranny, which gave rise to the 2nd amendment, will ever be a major danger to our Nation, the amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic military-civilian relationship, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the 2nd Amendment will always be important.”

    “You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun-control; disarm the thugs and the criminals. Lock them up and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time . . . it’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun controllers. I happen to know this from personal experience.”

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. – Thomas Jefferson, 1764

  • Tom Farrell

    Perhaps he should address “gang violence” spurred by the heroin trade.
    Rid the streets of heroin and crime will abate.
    Has anyone addressed the drug infestation ??? No, we’re worried about global warming.

  • Valfreyja

    Once again the President is selling out his voter base, and the greater Democratic party. His insistence on sidestepping congress and attacking a very popular civil liberty will help mobilize a fractured Republican party who otherwise may not have come together later this year, weakening the prospects for a Democratic victory in congress. After 7 years of this man selling out his party base, the only logical conclusion is that he’s the best Republican president since Reagan. This is really disgusting.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Obama has been the best gun salesman of all time. Whatever ‘executive order’ this clown pushes on Americans will be undone by a Republican president in about a year.
    You go, Barry!

  • Robert Mills

    Here he goes again. Another assault on the 2nd amendment and the Republicans will do NOTHING. They need to cut his purse strings and keep the idiot in line.

  • richen

    Here is a quote some attribute to Admiral Yamamoto Japanese Navy WWII. “You cannot invade mainland United States, There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. Only Congress can make Law. Anything else is a suggestion. We are the only People on the Planet too have the 2nd Amendment protection. With our Border wide open who will watch your neighbor hood. You don’t like firearms ? Fine your neighbor will watch the hood. It’s what Americans do.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Liberals needs conservatives. Conservatives DO NOT need liberals. Any law abiding, common sense gun owners knows the truth behind all this legislative nonsense. No further discussion required. END OF STORY!!!

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