Taking the Plunge in Columbia County

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BERWICK -- Dozens of people embraced the cold in Columbia County Friday by jumping into the Susquehanna River.

"I don't care if you go in dipped to your ankles or you want to go in for a little bit, but all the proceeds go to the Berwick Water Rescue Team," said Berwick Fire Chief Bill Collbaugh.

For the second year in a row, people in the Berwick area pitched in some cash and took a leap of faith into the frigid Susquehanna River to help out their local first responders.

Each one of the rescue team's suits costs about $1,500, which is why the chief felt they needed to think of some interesting ways to help raise money.

"If these guys go out and volunteer all their time to help people, then I can volunteer a couple minutes and come out jump in the water," said Greg Sorce, one of the brave swimmers.

"Probably would've preferred to have it back in December, when it was warm," added Josh Peters.

But don't expect the fire chief to feel the same way; he was rooting for a true polar plunge.

"I watched last night when Kurt Aaron told us what it was going to be for the day," he added. "Most people don't wish for the cold weather. Once it's done today, it can go back up tomorrow to the 50s and 60s like it was. That'll make me happy too."