New Year’s Baby Born Three Minutes After Midnight

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- Just three minutes into the new year, a family from Danville welcomed their first child, probably the first baby born in our area this year.

Cuddled in her mother's arms, newborn Alexandra Amir Rezk was wrapped in a warm blanket just hours after being born at Geisinger Medical Center. At 6 pounds 6 ounces and a full head of hair, Alexandra was born at 12:03 a.m., making her the first baby born at this hospital in 2016.

“Very excited, very happy. Wasn't expecting lots of stuff, but now I have a gift in my hands,” said mother Nina Guirguis.

“Being a new dad, I still can't grasp the whole thing,” said Amir Rezk.

First time parents from Danville Amir Rezk and Nina Guirguis beamed from ear to ear.

Their baby was due in January, but Nina was expecting her baby to come early, just like she did.

“On my birthday I was waiting, waiting, waiting and nothing happened. So I said, 'OK, that's fine. Maximum, she was going to arrive on Christmas,'” said Guirguis.

The proud new papa says his baby Alexa had plans of her own.

“It's a special thing. It's a special gift from God to us in the new year, a new blessing,” said Rezk.

Nina's family is originally from Egypt. The grandparents came to make sure they were here to see their first grandchild.

“Oh, I'm so excited. I look and I am very happy!” said Julianne Wissa.

“I'm sure she is going to be a wonderful girl. She's going to be our angel,” said Guirguis.

As for more children, Nina says she would love her daughter to have a sibling, just not right away.

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