Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Holds Coat Drive

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KINGSTON -- The cold wind greeted 2016 and had many breaking out their winter coats for possibly the first time in a long while.  To help fight the cold, volunteers from the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Kingston set up a coat drive a few months ago.

“We have about 500 coats now,” said Cherie White, a volunteer.

500 coats well into the winter, all waiting to be worn! Volunteers from the church handed out about 60 coats so far, but still have plenty to go around.

“Things warmed up. I think people weren't actually thinking about their winter coats so much. But now that it's cooling off, we're hoping people find out that we're here and get what they need,” White said.

With temperatures expected to soon plunge in the single digits, volunteers hope people know there is a free coat here for them. But the church pastor believes there's a deeper meaning in its mission.

“Part of John the Baptist's preaching is recorded in Luke 2. When he's teaching the people, he says, if you have plenty of food, share it with your neighbors, and if you have two coats, give one away,” said Pastor Paul Metzloff. “So we've named this ministry the Have Two Give One Away ministry."

The coat drive has also helped bring the church together.

“It gave a lot of members of the congregation a sense of purpose. We always try to do what we can for the local community and this is something that brought everyone together,” said Keith White, another volunteer.

They plan to hold the coat drive every first Friday and Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until noon.