Hitting the Gym on New Year’s Day

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- With the holidays behind us, many people are hoping to get back on a healthy track.

Some runners and lifters hit up Brown's Gym in Clarks Summit Friday.

"This is the time of year where everyone kind of thinks about it. I mean realistically everyone should think about it all year, but it's nice that there is a day when they all come out. You gotta start somewhere," said Mike Mullen of Dickson City.

Mullen has been a long-time member at the gym on South State Street. He tells us it's nice to see some new faces on the gym floor.

"You see some people you haven't seen in a while that you were friendly with before and now they are back. It's exciting there is a lot of energy in the gym today. It's good to see the new faces and meet new people and hopefully everyone will hit their goals," said Mullen.

"If you're in that New Year's resolution kind of kick get on down here," said Anthony Brozusky.

Brozusky is a trainer at Brown's. He tells us the gym is ready for the post-holiday rush and is looking forward to who comes in for the New Year.

"The dedication this year is a lot higher than last year so that is great. As a personal trainer that is what we like to see," said Brozusky.

With the start of a new year, there is also some new equipment at Brown's. Managers tell us it's a way to give something new to the regulars but also attract more people.

Mary Grace Rizzo-Fryzel is from Throop. She likes seeing people get back on track after the holidays and has some advice for people who might just be starting out.

"The biggest thing is finding a good gym buddy, finding a good workout routine and finding you know your playlist, your music playlist you want to work out to, to stick with it," said Rizzo-Fryzel.

Trainers tell us the easiest way to stick with your gym resolution is to not push yourself too fast, ask questions, and most importantly don't give up.