Girl Uses Her Sweet Sixteen To Celebrate Mother’s Win Over Cancer

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SCRANTON -- It was an extra special sweet sixteen for a young lady on this New Year’s Day in Scranton.

The teenager celebrated not only her birthday but also celebrated her family. Her mother has won her fight against cancer.

At the Hilton in Scranton, a sweet sixteen celebration was in full swing Friday night.

Brittany Koch was born 16 years ago on New Year's Day in 2000, making the young lady a millennium baby.

Her proud mother went into labor on New Year's Eve and recalls watching the fireworks display in the hospital.

“While I was in labor my husband was seeing the fireworks and I was able to be in the hospital bed, you know, being able to see the glare, everything, knowing she was coming. That was emotional. That was great,” said Beverly Koch.

But the party wasn't just to celebrate Brittany's birthday, it was also to celebrate her family and the incredible journey they have been on.

For the last eight years--half of Brittany's life--her mother has battled lung cancer.

With her mother's cancer now in remission, Brittany wanted to celebrate the life of her mother.

“I want to let her know that I love her obviously and that everything I became is because of her and I'm very happy to have her in my life,” said Brittany.

“It makes me feel wonderful. I'm very proud of my daughter. All my children have come over huge obstacles and to be able to see her enjoy this day is wonderful,” said Beverly.

And the sense of kindness runs in the family.

Her 13-year old cousin Tim Walsh raises money for the Lung Cancer Alliance by selling pictures he takes through a non-profit he started called Camera for a Cure.

“When my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, we did some research into the kind of cancer she was diagnosed with, which was lung cancer, and we found out that it's very unfunded so the little six year old me wanted to do something so I could fix that,” said Tim.

“She's a millennium baby and we had our rough times and she's gotten quite far I think,” said Beverly.