Gas Price Gift In Lackawanna County

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP --  While some are preparing to celebrate the New Year, others in Lackawanna County are celebrating lower gas prices.

One gas station in Mount Cobb is selling gas for less than $2 a gallon.

If you are getting off the Mount Cobb exit of Interstate 84, it may be hard to see Joe's Quick Mart and Gas Station, but gas at $1.99 may catch your eye.

"It is nice to see businesses giving consumers a bit of a break," said Tom McDonald of Mount Cobb.

The owner of the mart dropped gas prices a few weeks ago in hopes of increasing traffic and so far it's worked.

"My whole family comes and gets gas here since the price has been low," McDonald added.

Tom Mcdonald started getting gas at Joe's Quick Mart when the price dropped just before Christmas. It's only about 15 cents lower than the average price of gas in the area, but many say every penny adds up.

"I actually live here in Jefferson Township, and it's not to far out of the way. That extra 15 cents always adds up at the end of the day," said Mathew DePrimo.

Joe's Quick Mart won't say how long the gas will stay this cheap. So, many are coming to fill up while it lasts.


  • Franko

    What is funny is that they have had this price for almost two weeks now… What’s even funnier is that their station 10 miles down the road in Hamlin charged 20 cents more per gallon…
    In regards to prices — remember that our former governor (Corbett) raised our fuel taxes to 60-cents per gallon (the nations highest at the time) so knock 60 cents off and that is the true retail price. That is why gas in NJ seems so much less, because they don’t have the fuel tax we do. And being that hey had the whole thing wrapped up into PennDot road improvement programs, it’s almost impossible for any governor to eliminate now because the estimated amount that they will get from the tax is written into PennDot’s budgets for the year for road programs.

  • Stan Sova

    Why is gas being sold in New Jersey at $1.79 a gallon. and that was 2 weeks ago, somebody holding out here in Pennsylvania which is probably the most corrupt state in the United States. I have always said Pennsylvania officials are the most corrupt, and greedy people who just steal money off the needy.

    • Keith

      NJ does not tax gas like we do in PA. They actually make more per gallon in NJ than our PA retailers because our taxes are so high. They also do not allow patrons to pump their own gas in Jersey.

      • Hono

        We are the third highest gas prices in the country…..behind California and Hawaii……hope I spelled it right.
        I guess we have to pay for the privilege of having the largest landfills in the country too!

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