Buying Booze for the New Year

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SCRANTON -- Outside the  Wine and Spirits store on Meadow Avenue in Scranton, the parking lot was packed Wednesday.

Many people were stocking up on liquor, getting ready to celebrate the new year.

"It`s not all for tomorrow trust me," said one person buying a case of liquor.

While some picked up a box of liquor, others filled an entire trunk.

One bottle of champagne was enough for Stan Kania and his son.

"We didn`t want to hit the mad rush tomorrow so we came today," said Kania of Moosic.

Many state stores and beer distributors believe the best day to come is the day before New Years Eve, because they expect New Years Eve to be very busy.

Jim Cadden with Cadden Beer Distributors was stocking beer in anticipation of the rush.

"Hopefully they will be all gone by tomorrow, " said Cadden.

For all those planning to celebrate the New Year with beer or liquor, whatever bubbly you prefer,
just remember to drink responsibly.

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