Accused Carjacker/Kidnapper in Custody

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A man who police believe kidnapped a woman and stole her car, after trying to steal three other vehicles, is now in custody.

According to authorities, 18-year-old Raliek Chambers is in jail, but not after traveling more than a hundred miles before he was caught.  Police say he jumped into a woman’s car at a gas station in East Stroudsburg. He told her he was driving to Virginia.

They stopped in Frackville in Schuylkill County to gas up. The woman was somehow able to get away and call 911.

Police then chased the alleged carjacker in the woman’s car through several counties. He crashed the vehicle near Carlisle in Cumberland County. He is in custody. The victim is okay.

Authorities have not released the names of the suspect or victim.

Police believe that crook is the same man responsible for three more attempted carjackings this afternoon in East Stroudsburg.

A surveillance camera snapped a picture of the man at a gas station along Lincoln Avenue.


  • Joe Bag O' Donuts

    This girl is so lucky and I am so glad she is safe and this dangerous individual is now in police custody. The sad thing is there are others out there who will continue to perpetuate violent crimes lIt’s
    It’s clear that the area has deteriorated and an undeniable increasing criminal element is plaguing the area. The question we all have to ask ourselves is are we going to be ready when the “Wolf” comes to our door? This girl must have felt fear like never before and a level of helplessness no one should ever have to endure; but despite her situation she demonstrated courage and resourcefulness and managed to escape a very dangerous scenario. Not everyone who has found themselves in these scenarios has been so fortunate. We have to play criminal scenarios out in our minds and think about what can happen and what we feel we could and should do in the event we find ourselves in such negative life threatening situations. We can’t assume that nothing will ever happen but rather we must assume that it will likely happen and prepare as best we can for it. One thing I do in preparation for such endeavors is I exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights under the Constitution of the greatest country in the world, the USA, and I personally would feel safer if every one of my fellow law abiding and mentally stable citizens would bear arms as well. I’m not Monday morning quarterbacking this young ladies experience here nor am I suggesting that guns are the answer to every situation or scenario, but rather I am suggesting that if more “good guys & gals” were carrying more “bad guys & gals” would think twice. Unfortunately, liberals demonize weapons but the reality is and always will be the only thing that stops a bad guy with a weapon is a good guy with a weapon and no matter how many laws you put in place bad guys don’t care because if bad guys obeyed laws well they wouldn’t be bad guys now would they. Police can’t possibly protect us all of the time every moment of our lives and in fact the chances that Police will be able to intervene during the exact moment the “wolf” comes to your door is so slim I would argue that it’s not statistically significant. So basically if you don’t embrace your obligation to defend yourself you are living with your head in the clouds. As quick as the police were to respond to the Walmart in East Stroudsburg if that guy decided to open fire on people with real guns when he first walked through the door how many people would have been slaughtered in that store before the Police arrived to intervene? Same scenario but now how many more people would have been saved if a legally armed store patron immediately intervened and downed the gunman after the gunman shot the first few victims? Criminals count on the general public to be weak and unprepared to defend themselves. Don’t be a soft target. Don’t be a personal gun free zone because the bad guy has his gun on him you can count on that.

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