A New Bed for Joey

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HAZLETON -- Joe Jones has been a volunteer firefighter in Hazleton for more than 35 years.

His friends say he's always there when a member of the community needs help.

"Joe's been there, night time day time, anytime day or night when there's a fire in the city he leaves his family, as we all do, don't know if we're coming back. So it's time we help him," said Tony Colombo, a Hazleton firefighter.

Joe's teen son, Joey, has cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Recently, Joey had surgery on his spine

He's doing well but needs a new bed.

The bed will prevent joey from falling out and getting hurt.

It costs $15,000 and it's not covered by insurance.

"He needs a special bed so he can have a normal night's sleep like everyone else has, like he deserves," said Colombo.

For now, the Jones family has to improvise for Joey's safety.

"We have a mattress on the floor, so he can't fall out of the bed because it's floor level. We have someone sleeping in there so he doesn't fall off the mattress either," said Joe Jones.

So far, the family has received about $6,000 in donations, but they're still $9,000 short of getting the new bed.

"I'm really appreciative that they're going out of their way to give back to me."

"Hazleton has heart. Everybody says it's bad, there is bad, but there's lots of good."

If you'd like to help out the family you can drop off donations at South Side Station or mail them or mail cash or checks to:
Heights Fire Company No. 4
525 E. Broad st.
Suite 4
Hazleton, PA 18201.


  • Scovelli

    Or they could just get a Posey vest from the same company that makes this bed that would only cost 30-50 dollars

    • Elaine Sowden....Phoenix, Az

      perhaps you would like to try wearing a ‘posey’ vest for 24 hours…..and not strangle yourself in the process. You sound absolutely heartless.

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