A $10,000 Gift for West Hazleton Police

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WEST HAZLETON -- West Hazleton mayor Frank Schmidt went to go pick up his mail on Monday, like he does every day.

When he got to one letter, he thought he was opening another Christmas card.

Not quite.

"I opened it up and a check fell out. I picked up the check and it was for $10,000," said Schmidt.

The note inside the card said the money was for the West Hazleton police department and ended with the line "God bless both of you."

The donor doesn't want to be identified, but it's not the first time someone helped out of the cops in West Hazleton.

Years ago, someone gave the department anonymous donations too, buying a police cruise and some weapons.

That donor passed away last year, so the department thought the extra help would stop too.

Now, someone else is helping.

"Now the police station has a second guardian angel and we're very fortunate to have people like that helping out the police station," said Schmidt.

The chief in West Hazleton says that $10,000 can go a long way for his department.

"There are guys who need bulletproof vests, we need computers in the cars. We're going to need new weapons soon," said West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio.

The chief is grateful for the help, especially during a time when many people are protesting police across the country.

"Nationwide, I think police aren't in a real good position in today's day in age and I think a lot of people are upset with police departments. However, here in our borough I think people are supporting the police department," said Buglio.

The chief says the department is grateful for the last Christmas gift.

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