Community Raises Money for Homeless Man

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- John Towey had seen the man he knows as "Malcolm" for about a decade walking around the Schuylkill Mall.

It wasn't until a few years ago he decided to introduce himself.

"This is a guy that I saw in need and certainly he can be me or one of my neighbors in the same position," said John Towey of Gordon.

Towey tells Newswatch 16, Malcolm usually calls the outside of the Schuylkill Mall near Frackville.

He is well known throughout the area, especially at this pizza shop inside the mall.

"I see him all the time and I mean he seems like he doesn't give up. He's really strong," said Tim Sylha, Suglia's Pizza.

In 2014, Towey stepped into help Malcolm.

Instead of exchanging presents with his wife, they pooled their money and got him a room at a hotel in Frackville for three nights during the holiday.

This year, Towey wanted to do something more for Malcolm. By putting the call out for help on Facebook, it got hundreds of people sending in donations going far beyond what he ever imagined.

"I guess it went viral. Again I didn't exactly know what I was doing but I'm learning a lot as I go along. I had hoped to get him 10 days and I said now we are well over 60 days," said Towey.

A kind gesture that received some very positive feedback and a lot of help for Malcolm including gift cards for food, two months in a hotel, and a trip to the eye doctor for glasses.

"He said why do all these strangers help me? And I simply told him Malcolm they are not strangers they are just simply friends you haven't met yet and there has been a multitude of friends he hasn't met yet," said Towey.

Towey hopes to get Malcolm more long-term care and is still looking to the community for support.

If you'd like to donate to Malcolm, click here.


  • TryMe

    Magic mike is just pissed that no one will consider doing good deeds for him and he’s simply jealous. Do you expect him to do this on his own? He clearly can’t, otherwise it would have been done over a decade ago. The people who have a little extra to give will do so for a man who probably hasn’t had a Christmas in years. Please do continue to sit back and bash the rest of the community with chiveraly and heart. Put yourself in his shoes; you have no home, no family, no money, nothing!! But yet, you have the odisatity to say this is the wrong thing to do?! I feel extremely sorry for you. Karma will hit you when you least expect it. Maybe you’ll be the one on the outside looking in next Christmas.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Community Raises Money for Homeless Man…………………….
    Although this was a nice thing to do, it was also the wrong thing to do..can’t this guy work??? if retirement age doesn’t he get social security? Give a man a fish he it’s once, teach a man to fish he eats everyday………..

    • JJ

      Let’s face it, probably over 50% of Americans on disability are fully capable of working but are determined to be unsuitable to do so by certain restrictions set forth by our government such as social anxiety disorder. Severe social anxiety can really impair a person’s ability to function in a typical work environment. Besides I don’t recall there being an overabundance of jobs in Schuylkill county let alone Frackville which he could walk to.

      Keep up the great deeds everyone!

      • magicmikexxsm

        JJ ,you just don’t get it do you……I’m sure their is a job somewhere in Schuylkill county..the man is homeless he can move to where a job is…so they bought this guy 60 days of room time somewhere, and when that runs out he’s out in the cold again…if he works he supports himself…… money you vote for liar hillary next year.

      • Helpthelessfortunate

        Magic mike I’m pretty the 60 days of having a room is going to be spent trying to set him up with a more permanent housing solution so he doesn’t have to be out on the streets. Just because people are willing to help others doesn’t make them Hilary supporters or liberals. It makes them good and decent human beings. Do more research on the efforts being done before you jump to conclusions. And if you had read more you would be more educated on the situation and the plan of action for getting this man off the streets and out of the Cold for good. Obviously you are just bored, probably unhappy with you life and looking to be a “big man on the Internet”. Waste of time talking to you.
        Keep up the amazing heart warming efforts. All of the people helping are amazing and puts faith back into humanity!

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