Police Prepare for Toy Drive, Help Thousands

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Just for the day, some of the officers in Williamsport traded in their uniforms for Santa hats.

“Santa's elves are at work," said Amy McGovern from the Salvation Army.

About 15 officers and some of their family members helped pass out boxes filled with food. Others sorted through piles of toys inside the gymnasium at the Salvation Army in Williamsport.

"They have just gone above and beyond to just transform this place," said Amy McGovern.

Thanks to donations from Toys for Tots and the community, hundreds of plastic bags are loaded with toys.

"Each family will get a bag of toys for each child," said McGovern.

This is all for the Salvation Army's big holiday food and toy drive. It helps thousands of children and their families in need around the city.

"This helps us understand what our job is actually about, to help, to help the community to help people," said Agent Raymod Kontz.

With a box of food and a bag of toys out of the way, officers hope people will be able to focus on what matters to them during the holidays, their families.

"It's important to teach our children that we are blessed and there are people out in the community that don't have nearly as much as we do," said Michelle Miller.

"All I know is that Christmas morning she will wake up and she will be happy,” said Janette Andrews from Williamsport.

With a 9 year old to care for this year, Janette Andrews couldn't afford Christmas on her own.

"She doesn't know that Santa comes from the Salvation Army. She just knows Santa comes," said Andrews.

Families who have signed up are welcome to pick up toys beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday in Williamsport.

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