Warm Weather for Winter Festivals

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HAWLEY-- Winterfest is supposed to be chilly and charming, a chance for Hawley to offer warm hospitality during cold weather. However, this year many visitors to the festival in Wayne County were stripped down instead of bundled up. Many people enjoyed the chance to take part in activities without winter gear on Saturday.

Diane Govelitz said, "There is something really nice about it just being warm out, so I am ready for the warm weather for right now. I am enjoying it without coats, and I can show off my festive sweater."

While the weather may have been good for people participating in events, it wasn't ideal for ice sculptures.

Staff at the Cocoon Coffee house planned ways to help their ice bar make it through the night.

"We are going to put some ice on it overnight, just to make sure it stays cold and intact," said Tiffany Rogers.

The temperature also changed the look of an annual event in Honesdale.

Each year radio personality Michael Stanton spends hours showering outside to raise money for the Wayne County Children's Christmas Bureau. This time he didn't have to brave ice and snow.

Stanton commented, "I thought 50 degrees would make it seem a lot warmer, it is to a point, but it is still cold out here."

At the Cherry Ridge Airport the mild conditions had Kenneth Hebel thinking about fishing.

"I have the gear here ready to go as all good fisherman do, right now the bass are starting to go to sleep, so we are going to have to wake them up," said Kenneth Hebel.

Forecasters predict temperatures in the 60s on Sunday.

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