South Williamsport Students Shop for Child in Need

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- In the midst of this year’s holiday shopping craze at the Lycoming mall, a group of learning support students from South Williamsport Junior/Senior High School are on the hunt for the best bargain here in Muncy Township.

These students aren't shopping for themselves or for their families. Together they are picking out Christmas gifts for a 5-year-old girl in need they've never met.

"We as a class just come up with the money and go out and buy the kids what they need," said Brittany Cohick a senior at South Williamsport.

"See what you can find in long sleeve and we'll pick out a couple of them," said Jeanette Green to her students.

Jeanette Green better known to her students as Mrs. G, tells us her class will spend about $70 of their own money to buy presents. It’s all for a 5-year-old girl whose name was put on an angel tree at a church in South Williamsport.

"It's just great when we come down here and see the excitement in their eyes and the sense of fulfillment they have because they have been able to contribute to somebody else,” said Green.

Like many teachers might do, Mrs. G likes to use this mini holiday field trip as a way for her students to use what they have learned in class in real life.

"It's a great way to tie in community service our lessons from budgeting money skills and just comparison shopping," said Green

"It's actually really fun to shop for others instead of myself," said Jackson Goehgrig

"It's about giving and not taking stuff for yourself it's about giving,” said Cohick.

The class plans to wrap the presents and deliver the gifts to the church in South Williamsport before Christmas.

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  • Es Horner

    Wonderful to see what these young people are doing!! God bless them for helping others, and I hope they all have a wonderful Christmas!! And many thanks to the teacher for her guidance with this special project!! These kids have an awesome teacher, and I’m sure this experience is one they will always remember.

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