Neglected Dog Found in Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- An animal shelter is caring for a dog found abandoned and in really bad shape. We’ve heard this time and time again, but the shelter folks believe this animal has been neglected for a long time.

A good Samaritan found a Yorkie wandering along Route 196 near Mount Pocono that was in rough shape. We found out Tuesday that when a vet went to cut his matted fur, his paw actually fell off.

The Yorkie named Alvin has been through a lot this week. AWSOM Animal Shelter workers say a good Samaritan found the pup along Route 196 in Coolbaugh Township.

"Lifeless, and just skin and bones, and fleas just flea-ridden. He was in such bad shape. So immediately we put him in the car and brought him to creature comforts,” said AWSOM President Sandra Fellin.

"One foot was black and he smelled really bad and he was really really matted. And what had happened is the mats got so tight, that they actually cut off the circulation to his foot,” said Dr. Karin-Susan Breitlauch of Creature Comforts Veterinary Service.

When Dr. Karin cut off the matted fur, Alvin’s front paw fell off. It had gangrene. The rest of his leg will be amputated.

If that good Samaritan hadn't picked Alvin up off the side of the road and brought him to AWSOM, workers say he might not have made it much longer.

No one knows whose dog this was or how long it was fending for itself.

"He was neutered so he was loved at one time, so we don't know if he was lost or he was abandoned, total neglect, so he could have been lost for a very long time,” said Fellin.

But with no microchip, Alvin’s story will remain a mystery.

"No microchip again and here we go again, it's really important to get your pets micro-chipped. You never know what could happen,” said Dr. Karin.

Once Alvin is feeling a little better, he’ll be back at AWSOM looking for a new place to call home.

"We're hoping for a home that will just love him and care for him and just regain his trust in people,” said Fellin.

The vet estimates Alvin’s vet bills will total about $2,000, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • Garry

    during the summer we found 4 kittens under our back yard bush. they were in terrible shape. we took them to a shelter and they than took them to a vet and they said there couldnt be anything done for them and they put all 4 down. Here is a dog who is in terrible shape and had a paw damaged so bad that it fell off and next thing the leg needs to be removed. You see this dog on tv and it is in terrible pain. my question is why is this dog being saved when it could of been put down just as easily as the kittens did?

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