Fighting Off a Rabid Fox

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- A woman in Wayne County is undergoing treatment after being attacked by a rabid fox.

Wednesday was just another day at work for Theresa DeVrieze at Village Carpet along Route 6 near Honesdale. One week ago it wasn't. Devrieze was left bloodied and scarred by a rabid fox.

“I felt a tug at my boot, honestly thought it was a dog. Looked down, realized it wasn’t a dog, I shooed it away, it came right back,” said DeVrieze.

The fox ripped holes in her boots and chased the self-described farm kid until she grabbed it by the neck.

“It jumped up and grabbed my left hand. My engagement ring stopped it from actually sinking its teeth in. It got stuck in the ring, it was hanging off my hand,” she added.

Not long after the fox attacked Theresa DeVrieze, down Route 6 from A Picker’s Find, one of the workers heard somebody screaming for help. When he went up, he found the fox under that man’s foot having attacked him already.

“I ran back in the shop and grabbed something to take care of it, you don’t want something like that running around here there’s people,” said Chris Hegge.

The fox was taken away and tested positive for rabies. DeVrieze still has one more shot left in the treatment to make sure she isn't sickened by the fox attack. But it's one story her family won't let her live down.

“I have my family--I have a stuffed fox sitting for Thanksgiving at my place setting,” she said.

State health officials said it doesn't appear the fox bit anyone else or any pets.

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