Cyber Monday Draws People Online and In Store

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DICKSON CITY -- What we now know as Cyber Monday got its start 10 years ago, and now it has become a regular part of the holiday shopping routine.

In our area, there were plenty of people heading online, but the stores themselves were busy too, including some shoppers taking part in what's becoming a more common part of the Cyber Monday tradition.

While the Target store in Dickson City remained busy after the Black Friday weekend rush, saw unprecedented demand on Cyber Monday for a time.

Shoppers looking for 15 percent off everything online found a notice saying high traffic was causing delays. Target says the website use was double its prior busiest day.

"Well, I thought it was fabulous. This is the first time I ever did this on Cyber Monday and within five minutes I got confirmation that I could pick it up in store," said Eileen Evans.

Evans bought online, then came to the Dickson City store to get her Cyber Monday electronics purchase.

"Got 15 percent off and five percent off for my Target red card," she said. "Pretty good deal."

There are still plenty of Black Friday deals available drawing customers in store at Target too, but in-store pickup is something new at Target and at more and more retailers.

"You know the 15 percent offering on orders that they're able to pick up in store, that's been huge for us," said store team leader Jocelyn Dearborn.

Even though it is Cyber Monday and has 15 percent off today, there are still plenty of people in stores, too. Black Friday has become days of sales.

"A big Cyber Monday, the schools are off, we're able to drive our sales in the building, too."

At HHGregg in Dickson City, there were plenty of in-store shoppers on Cyber Monday too, taking advantage of the deals in person.

"You're not going to find anything online that's not going to be in the store. Pretty much anything you see online, you're going to see in the store," said manager Drew Parry.

Sue Wilcox from Tunkhannock is like many other shoppers who still like to shop the old-fashioned way.

"I don't like shopping on the internet. I'd rather go out and look at it myself," Wilcox said.

"You still have those customers who are going to come in. They're going to touch. They're going to feel it. They want to see it as opposed to just buying it online," Parry added.

The National Retail Federation expects Cyber Monday shopping to be down slightly compared to last year since more and more people are finding online deals on many other days during the holiday season.

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