Pies in the Face Reward for Food Donations

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Some high school students in Lackawanna County are getting a lesson in giving--not just to those in need, but also the pie-in-the-face kind.

The excitement was palpable inside the gym at the North Pocono High School near Moscow. The students spent the past several weeks collecting canned food for the less fortunate.

On this day, it was the big payoff. The principal, vice principal, and school resource officer were willing to take a whipped cream pie in the face.

"Six pies today, I'm expecting at least four of them," said North Pocono School Resource Officer Chriss Grube.

The students were able to fill three pickup trucks full of food and bought chances at being the lucky ones to splatter the pies in any face they wanted. It's a fun way to help others and smash pie in their administrators' faces.

"They egged on the student body, whipping them into a frenzy. They were a riot about it," said teacher Sandra Kilmer.

One after the other the pies made direct contact and thanks to all the donations, folks will be getting a helping hand around the holidays.

"The food pantries are very low because there's no state budget and we wanted to really bring in a lot of cans for the local pantry," said teacher Maria Barrett.

Thanks to all the donations as many as 300 families can be fed this holiday season through the North Pocono Food Pantry.

"I think it's great we were able to come together as a school to help people in need," said senior Alea Troup.

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