Hope For Hunter: A Preview

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Hunter Jones is a 17 year old from Tunkhannock who was diagnosed with colon cancer.   This is just one of two major medical problems she's facing now.

See her full story here.

If you'd like to support Hunter, you can donate to her Go Fund Me account here:    Or, donations can be mailed to her high school.

Hope for Hunter
c/o Eliza Comly
Tunkhannock Area High School
HS Counseling Office
135 Tiger Drive
Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Checks should be made payable to TASD and you can write "Hope for Hunter" in the memo line.  Questions can also be directed to eliza.comly@tasd.net or 570-836-8214.

A benefit event is also planned at Bartolai Winery in Harding on December 6.  For more information, head here:


  • Lacey

    Does the benefit at the winery benefit Hunter’s family in particular or just ‘proceeds go to research’. I would much rather see proceeds go to her family to help with expenses and will find a way t give to them directly.

  • Jessica

    How sad for her. My heart does go out to her and her family. I know what they are going through. But I do find it amusing that u would make a story for 1 girl that has colon cancer while the world has many problems. My step daughter and her father both have a rare disease called “Gardners”. It is a form a colon cancer and is hereditary. My ex husband passed away from it in 2011 and my step daughter has had multiple surgeries. My son vinnie had to face the death of his father and his sister in pain. There is just so much a mother like me can to ease a small boys mind. Write a story about that!

    • eileen

      this was not a story about one girl,,instead it was a message to make awareness for early early colon rectal cancer screening.. may god bless your family.

    • Lynne

      I agree with Eileen . Hunter’s story is not just about her and her colon cancer and diagnosis it is about raising awareness that this can happen to anyone at any age at anytime . She is making a difference by telling her story and bringing awareness to all !

    • Brenda

      Cancer is an awful disease for anyone to face, especially a teenager. The segment was meant to bring about colon cancer awareness and to let others know it is something , although rare, that can happen to young adults. By Hunter sharing her experience, it may encourage others to talk to their doctor if they are experiencing similar symptoms. Hunter you are an inspiration to others!. Stay strong and know that you have many people praying for you!

  • J. Hoffa

    So sad when anyone gets any type of cancer, especially those that have their whole life in front of them. Wish you well and thoughts.

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