Power To Save: Using the Power of the Sun in Wayne County

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HONESDALE -- A new effort in Wayne County is meant to help nonprofits and businesses harness the power of the sun.

The group's first solar project is up and ready to start soaking in the rays.

Even in November, the sun burns bright in downtown Honesdale and on Main Street, the Cooperage Project is positioned just so, to catch the sun's rays on its rooftop.

That's why the clean energy co-op and the cooperage teamed up to install 90 solar panels this week.

"Definitely keep lights on and it will help us with our heat."

By going solar, the cooperage, which hosts performances and events of all kinds, will be able to rely on the sun for all the electricity it uses all year.

"Icing on the cake, solar on the roof, a little bit of everything, we're jumping on green energy band wagon and excited to do it," said Doni Hoffman, the Cooperage Project.

"This roof is nice because it's nice and flat. It's got a nice southern exposure with no shading to it," said Blair Buselli, Shakinah Solar.

Folks with the clean energy co-op say while the cooperage may not realize significant savings in the immediate future, over the long term, 25 years, they'll have a fixed rate for their electricity coming right from their roof top, a clean and green energy source.

"We believe we want choices, energy independence. This is one way to do it, with clean, sustainable energy," said Jack Barnett, Clean Energy Co-Op.

Here's how it works: the Clean Energy Co-Op helps foots the bill for the solar project. A federal grant helps with about a quarter of the $72,000 that is paid back over the 25 years, giving the co-op a small return on its investment.

"Our target is like 2 to 3 percent, not as good as a Wall Street investment, don't know what your money is going for on Wall Street," said Barnett.

With its first project almost ready to go online, the co-op is already looking for its next rooftop and partner in solar energy.

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  • Kim minor

    I am all for Green energy.
    Is there a possibility they will offer some type of programs for residential properties?
    Is funding for individuals operating under a Non-Profit in Home Offices?

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