New Uses for Old Factory in Wayne County

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- A factory in Wayne County that's been closed for years is going to see a lot of activity starting next month.

Crews are grinding away inside the future home of the Sports Factory of NEPA in White Mills.

This is the former Chroma Tube factory being overhauled to accommodate numerous sports, as well as training and treatment.

"We've got quite a bit of space here," said Steve Pinto. "The exciting thing about this is that for the first time, local area athletes won't have to travel to train and play."

Steve Pinto's Pro Prospects is teaming up with a soccer program to have indoor sports for all ages.

Artificial turf will be rolled out and the sports factory is expected to open next month.

Computer image of new new sports complex

Computer image of new new sports complex

Pinto hopes the sports factory becomes a destination for athletes to get training and treatment.

"It seems like people are really excited. We're bringing this place back to life."

Back before it was Chroma Tube, the factory in White Mills made handles for tools and baseball bats, and in that time, the baseball fields here were booming. Now they've been abandoned and growing over with weeds.

By springtime the Sports Factory plans to have new soccer fields with kids and adults playing here.

"Seen a lot of companies come and go, wish a lot more would come. This opportunity coming to White Mills now is a godsend for everybody," said Jim Watson, Watson Bros.

Once the factory's new owner has the Sports Factory up and running, Rudy Schemitz plans to move his woodworking company New Wave in, bringing jobs and new life to the old factory.

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