Family Plans to Press Charges after Student Punched in Face at School

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WILLIAMSPORT – A Williamsport Area freshman may need surgery after being punched by another student at school.

Sarah Boyce, 14, from Williamsport, didn't make it to Williamsport Area High school for classes Thursday. Instead she went to see an eye specialist and plastic surgeon at Geisinger near Danville.

"Underneath my eye, my nose, and this area right here is broke," said Sarah Boyce.

Sarah's aunt agreed to speak for the family.

"This isn't OK regardless of what went on for things to get to any sort of point. This is not OK. It's not OK for a young boy to put his hands on a young girl," said Sheri Andy.

According to police in Williamsport, a freshman boy punched Sarah in the face at the high school in Williamsport. The two were caught on video surveillance arguing in the hall before Sarah was hit.

"I chased after him, reached to attempt to grab him to stop him, and he reached around and hit me."

Sarah's mother tells us the entire thing stems from an argument that happened on the bus. That was the first time Sarah was threatened by the other student.

"A bunch of him and his friends started teasing my friend. I was already in a bad mood at that point and I told them to let it go," said Boyce.

"I think something should have been done right away. I think something should have been done. I think an officer should have been called. I think and ambulance should have been called," said Andy.

In a statement the Williamsport School District told us immediate medical care was provided on site by medical staff, a parent was contacted and plans were made to send Sarah home, police were contacted, and pending results of the investigation, disciplinary actions will be handled in accordance with district policies.

"Right now we are going to talk to police and we would like to press full charges," said Andy.

"I'm scared, honestly. I'm terrified even to be in school because I don't know what he is capable of. I don't know people he knows. I'm terrified for my life," said Boyce.

Police tell us charges are possible but they are still investigating. As for Sarah, she may need surgery to repair the broken bones in her face.


  • Missy

    I believe the boy shouldn’t have punched her, but she is not blameless in the situation. She admits she was in a bad mood and chased after him attempting to grab him and continue the confrontation. Do I believe she deserves a broken face the answer is no. Do I think they both handled the situation inappropriately the answer is yes. I think all of that should be considered during the investigation. The boy wasn’t tormenting her and punching her for no reason she was following him and attempting to make physical contact with him. They both behaved wrong.

  • magicmikexxsm

    To all you who think this girl deserved to be punched in the face , this quote is for you.
    We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

    Ben Franklin.

  • the Jerk

    A bunch of girls pick on the friend of a boy. He tells them to let it go. They walk away. He chases the primary instigator down and grabs her. She cold cocks him and breaks his face. Who is at fault now that the genders are reversed. This has NOTHING to do with gender and gender should be left out of the argument. Double standards have no place in a society that strives for equality regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, genetic information, etc.

    Put yourself in his shoes. You’re at work. You mouth off when you shouldn’t have. A coworker tells you to shut up and walk away. You comply. Now said coworker runs at you and grabs you. Do you risk letting them do bodily harm to you?

    This does not mean he is justified in his actions, because question is: does a child have the right to use force to defend themself from unjustified physical assault?

  • Not me

    The scumbag should be expelled or sent to a juvenile home. what kind of man hits a woman? Where I come from that would be classified as a bonifed B-itch. This coward needs homegrown redneck smackdown

  • KJC

    Okay I go to school there so let me break down the situation. According to the grapevine at my school they did get into an argument on the bus. I’ve seen the video she doesn’t just grab him she smacks him in the back of the head and people are going back and forth over whether or not she called him the n word. Everyone has been debating whether he was right to hit her since she was brave enough to hit him.

  • Tommy Klark

    Are you sure this wasn’t Clay Lepard because she looks just like him and is about the same size. Anyway, I say she deserved it. Last time she’ll try that nonsense again.

    • Rick

      The people saying irrational animalistic things are just friends of the bottom feeder and his family.
      He prolly will be dead or in jail in a few years anyhow. Then his family will be like he was such a good kid. What a joke. Throw the book at him. He don’t deserve to live in society. So glad he was charged with aggravated assault. He should go to jail. Loser.

  • magicmikexxsm

    What the heck is wrong with you people in pennsyltucky?????I sit here reading these comments, and most are blaming the poor girl because she chased after him, and oh my grabbed the little buggers arm……news flash that doesn’t warrant punching the girl in the face….Just short of the girl or women having a knife or gun you never ever lay a hand on a women…..what the hell is wrong with you people in Pa…

  • P Brown

    First I’m a mom of 5 girls and 1 boy. So he walked away, she ran up and grabbed his arm and he punched her? Yes he is wrong for hitting her but why was she grabbing him when already in an argument. Sounds to me they were both playing a part. It doesn’t justify what he did but it also doesn’t make her an innocent lil victim. Just my opinion. No student should have their hands on another even if it’s grabbing someone’s arm. Had she not chased and grabbed him she may not have gotten punched. Just saying.

  • Louis

    Oh yeah and she just comes off as the model student…. White trash suing White trash…. Will go no where and waste dollars… trying to get rich quick… I’m sure she just said “let it go” and he punched her! Really get over it…. All you women complain about is equal rights until one of you get hit…. Unbelievable !… Go ahead now start complaining to me on here just to try and prove a point that you don’t hit women.

    • Sara

      Louis you are dumber than a box of rocks. No where in equal rights did we say we want hit like a man. Duh. And no one at all has a right to put their hands on anyone man or woman! Men are physically stronger. Hitting a woman is a sign ur a itch (add the b). He broke bones in her face or did u not read that? Cuz she reached for him? Ur just another LOSER living in Williamsport prolly a bottom feeder too. I wish there was to rid the world of people who or as sick minded as you and him. 😃

    • Gabe

      Newsflash Louis, the victim is white yes. However the boy was black. And the aunt on the news has a pretty good job as a caseworker for a nonprofit organization. So I doubt they are broke, but yes they should sue the heck out of them so that maybe just maybe she teaches her child a lesson. I’m sorry that you call yourself a man when u speak like a child.

  • Disgusted!

    I came to read the comments to see how many hopeless souls think he’s justified. It’s so heartening raising my children in this day of age. Parents do something at home that’s where this starts. Lay the law early and teach kindness.

  • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

    I love how women step up to blame the kid. Funny how our society likes to dismiss violence against men by women, like all domestic violence done by men. You need to recheck the true statistics. No, he should not have hit her, BUT she was following him and grabbing him when HE WAS WALKING AWAY. Bias sexist feminism. Neither should be throwing punches, but get off your high horses ladies. How is all that “no bullying” training working out????? Need STRICTER punishment and more time in class on actual education.

    • Kevin

      Unless he was actually being harmed or in danger of be harmed he never had a right to hit her. HE WAS THE BULLY. He wasn’t being punched! She said she tried to grab him and he did this??????? U must be an animal too! So sick of u uneducated people thinking this is acceptable!! Men should never hit a woman!! Do u know y?????? They r stronger.. Your made that way! Smh. He wasn’t being abused he was being told about his disgusting behavior on bulling… U must be family to the animal… Smh

      • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

        Kevin, I have two college degrees, a concealed carry permit and a bit of knowledge about legal self defense. I also don’t spell “why” or “you” with just one letter. Your limited knowledge of our current social problems and sexual biases in family courts show that your mentality is part of the problem. Blindness to the truth in the war against males.

  • Taja

    Men are naturally stronger then woman. It’s disgusting there are people like u and him messing up our world. This boy should seriously go to jail, crew Juvie, and his parents should bare some of the responsibility! Yes sue them!!!!!!

    • joemama80

      There’s obviously more to this story than we’ve seen. The aunt put that out there with defense being” no matter what lead up to this”. Women often attack men without repercussions. Slapping, scratching and kicking and men are supposed to just take it with a smile.
      Women are equal to men when they want to join the boys football or basketball team. They cry discrimination when it’s questioned if they should be allowed to be fire fighters, police officers or on the front line in battle. Women want to be equal but at the same time cherry pick that equality. Equal pay and positions in the work place, and at the same time first ones in the life rafts and being able to physically assault a man with impunity. I don’t advocate violence against women at all. With that being said maybe she was the bully in this situation. We don’t know the whole story yet. There may be a reason the police haven’t pressed charges yet.

  • kim reeves

    welcome to schools today. if it had been keystone central the fat school police officer eager to put someone in juvenile detention would have been right there all over it and from the story both would have got in trouble. however the girl who got punched would have had more trouble then the boy. sad but this is the state of kids today. I ma used to it and boy tried to stab my daughter with a knife in art class she got sent home he got walked around school by the principal for two weeks nothing happened to him. this past week the ambulance has been to central mountain 4 times for student fights. sad….williamsport is no better they have some really bad kids and areas

  • magicmikexxsm

    Sarah Boyce, I’m sorry you had to be a victim of violence against women at such a young age….There is no reason ever to lay a hand on a women no matter what. NEVER…You Neanderthal men in this area better wise up…this is a learned behavior this kid learned to do this from someone, where is his parents? I can’t wait to get a load of them…Sarah sue the pants off this boys family..the boy sounds like a bully, should be in juvee and expelled from school….

    • Taja

      This meaning she could not of been at fault. He was in no danger to do that to another student especially not a girl. Parents should teach children better!!!

    • seriously

      For the guy saying expel her you must be a relative of that future woman beater there is absolutly no reason he should have put his hands on her if anything he should have stopped teasing in the first place anyone tha thinks what he did is ok well your the reason theres so many wastes when it comes to guys ugh

    • RM

      It takes a real man to assault a woman! This school district normally does a great job of keeping it’s dirty laundry out of the news. Having children that went there, I’m aware of many incidents involving assaults, drugs, gangs, police, and racial unrest, but these events are normally kept quiet like a bad family secret.

  • Me

    As indicated, her friend was being teased. She was trying to defend her friend. If you don’t say anything to anyone, you are siding with the bully! Anyone who defends the actions of this boy is obviously part of the reason our society is so screwed up! It’s really sad that people are defending the animal who punched this girl. He was not defending himself! I feel sorry for anyone in society who is near people with a mentality like that. Hugs to her..

    • Robert N Crystal Hinton

      as per her own words “I chased after him, reached to attempt to grab him to stop him, and he reached around and hit me.” so she touched him first. as far as he knows she was attacking him. she got involved in an altercation between two other students. guy was walking away, she chases him down. at that point she put herself in danger and got what was coming.

      as they say, stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong and it might get cut off.

      even in elementary school you are taught to not touch anyone. she was the aggressor.

      • Sammi

        He hit her so hard she needs 3 plates and possibly plastic to hold her eye in place. But obviously he’s justified because she touched him. Let’s just punch her cheekbone right off cause she touched me first. She is like half his size if you didn’t know.

  • brian

    I don’t like any hitting but she said she put her hands on him first. He was was in the right to defend himself.

  • Lyoday

    Just from the way she answered….you can almost bet that she got in his face acting brave and putting her hands on him. I dont agree with it but he hit her.
    Although boys shouldnt put their hands on these girls…..these girls need to stop acting like they are big and bad. You put your hands on someone-prepare for the possibility of getting hit back

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