Historic Building Restored in Milford

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MILFORD -- A historic building is looking like itself again after fire tore through it more than two years ago in Pike County.

When you drive by the Anthony Brooks Building in Milford these days, it's hard to find anything amiss. Inside is a furniture store, upstairs an apartment and a health center underneath that.

But in April 2013 fire threatened the future of the historic building on East Harford Street leaving the place all but destroyed.

"We had decisions to be made whether to keep the building intact and stuff," said Deb Brooks who owns the building that dates back to the mid 1800's with her husband.

They decided to rebuild with the help of a $1 million insurance payout.

Architect Richard Pedranti was tasked with returning the building to its former glory.

"It`s tremendous that we`re able to save these buildings and make sure they`re around for future generations," said Pedranti.

The Athony Brooks Building was taken apart brick by brick. Construction crews put them on two flat-bed trailers and took them away to be inspected then put them back right where they were, but not before making the building energy-efficient.

"We added insulation where there was none, lots of insulation, and air seal so it`s air tight," added Pedranti.

The restoration turned out so much like the building was meant to look that it was given a new award for historical preservation this month. Customers, to the credit of the contractors and architect, really haven't noticed any change.

"I had no idea it`d been in a fire, they must have done a nice job restoring it, it`s beautiful," said Judith Casey of Milford.

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