Big Fines for Big Vehicles

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FRACKVILLE -- Frackville has had some issues with big vehicles like tractor trailers or campers parking on borough streets.

The fine used to barely be a slap on the wrist, but now it will cost you a couple hundred dollars for taking up space on Frackville's streets.

A camper on West Washington Street in Frackville is taking up a lot of driving space.

West Washington is a two-way street, but it would be a tight squeeze for two cars to pass each other there.

Frackville borough council is trying to get those big vehicles off the streets. Council passed an ordinance that would increase the fines for parking a vehicle over 3 tons on borough roads.

Now the owner of that camper could get a $600 ticket from police.

Taxpayers say that's a good idea.

"The more you charge the people, the less they'll park their junk around," said Joseph Bluge said Frackville.

The old fine was only $10, so many of the campers and tractor trailers wouldn't move because a fine was still cheaper than paying for a parking spot else where.

That's the reason for the increase.

Frackville council members say the bigger vehicles also make it harder to plow once winter hits.

"Especially when the snow comes, as it's going to be coming soon, our borough workers had difficulty getting around and maneuvering the plows," said Brad Gotshall, a member of Frackville borough council.

People who live in the borough say Frackville should use that extra fine money to do things like either fix roads or possibly update some community projects.

"I feel like the best way they can use that money would be to revitalize the pool," said Heidi Quinn.

Council members couldn't pin point exactly how taxpayers would see that extra money just yet.

"As always our general fund is under a lot of pressure so I think it's just going to stick there," said Gotshall.

That ordinance is already in effect, so Frackville police can start handing out those $600 tickets.