In Hazleton, the Search for a Marine’s Sign

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HAZLETON -- A family is begging for information about a missing sign for their son who is a Marine.

One year ago, when their son David completed boot camp for the U.S. Marine Corps, his parents, Grace and Dave Mehalick had a sign made that read: "Congratulations! One Of The Few, The Proud! David Mehalick."

They were so proud that after his graduation in South Carolina, they brought it home to Hazleton and hung it on the gate of their driveway.

But a few days ago, just before Veterans Day and the Marine Corps 240th birthday, the sign was stolen.

"I was just so aggravated that someone could be so disrespectful to all the Marines and all the armed forces. It just made me upset," said David Mehalick of Hazleton.

The Mehalicks don't necessarily want to know who took the sign. They just want it back.

"Just bring it back. We don't care. We just want it back. It means something to us,” said Grace Mehalick.

The Mehalicks say sign or no sign, they know the sacrifice their son and all other members of the armed forces have made and the sacrifices of their loved ones.

"Having them be gone and then you know shipped away different places and not seeing them for months at a time, something stupid like a little sign means a lot to us. Yeah, I wanted the whole world to know my son is a Marine. We're so proud. We're so proud of him,” Grace and David said together.

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