Newlywed Refuses to Leave Tip, Server’s Open Letter Goes Viral

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CENTERVILLE, Ohio -- A server at a restaurant in Ohio has some tough words for a newlywed who refused to leave a tip after enjoying a meal with her husband.

Jessica Morris just married her husband, Travis, on Oct. 9. After the honeymoon, the happy couple returned to their jobs as servers at a restaurant.

On Saturday, Jessica wrote that she was serving a couple who was celebrating their honeymoon. At the end of the evening, Jessica says she dropped off the couple's check and assumed everything was fine. When she returned, the couple had disappeared and left her a little note with a $0 tip.

"He's my husband, find your own. Good luck :)," the ticket read.

After returning home, Jessica posted an open letter addressed to the woman who identified herself as "Jenny."


I don't typically talk about work this way, but this needs to be shown/addressed. Mainly because it's hysterical but partially because I'm offended lol

Anywho, today I had a table of 4 come in. Two couples. The one told me they were there to celebrate part of their honeymoon, which I replied "oh I just got married last month, congratulations." I assumed they heard me, and we proceeded with the whole "what can I get you" yada yada yada.

Well, as anyone SHOULD know, waitressing is a personable job. To make money you have to be nice, and show you personality. As all of you should know, since you know me, I'm a personable, sarcastic a**hole in the nicest way possible. So ofcourse I let that shine in my job, and at EVERY table.

So, this lady (Jenny) and her husband place their order and she asks me what my name is. I tell her "Jessica" she responds with, "oh, we don't really like that name. Can we call you Jess" and I laughed and said "yeah, you can call me anything you want. I'll even respond with a**hole." In which her husband laughs and proceeds to call me that throughout the whole experience we had as server and guests.

I assumed everything was fine, because they were laughing and having a good time. Well I cash out their check, tell them have a good night and to come back. When I come back from singing "happy birthday" to another guest, the couple and company have left, and on one ticket they tipped me $4, well Jenny decided I did not deserve a monetary tip, so she wrote me a nice note, with a $0 tip saying "he's my husband, find your own. Good luck. :)  "
And I want to add, Jenny stole my one pen, which she knew was my last because I had apologized that I only had the one to share between the two tickets at the table.

So, Dear Jenny,
I would like you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine, that I kept talking to and checking on throughout the time of you sitting at my table IS MY HUSBAND. Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours. Also, I would like you to know that I'm sorry MY HUSBAND treated me to a cruise for my honeymoon and not a restaurant. As well as, MY HUSBAND would never let me feel so insecure that I would feel the need to write such a terrible note to a server and make them feel the way you have.
So Jenny, here's a life tip for you from me, your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking. Have pride in yourself and your relationship with YOUR husband to where you don't need to put another down to bring yourself up. Especially a server who lives off her tips and needs them to help her husband pay bills. Also, Jenny, I hope you like the pen, because it's my present to you. One NEWLYWED to another.

P.S - my husband said you can sit in his section next time that way you won't have to be so worried about your husband "flirting" with a server :). Maybe you'll see his ring a little better than you saw mine.

Signed, Jessica
The woman you offended by thinking so lowly of, that I would attempt to flirt with a man who is with his wife.

The post has been shared over 46,000 times on Facebook.


  • justfinethanku

    I think you guys are a great media organization and have every right to post anything you’d like on your website, facebook page, twitter and report on anything you feel is important.

    But I feel slightly uneasy with a petty argument between two girls being on a news site. It creates more clicks and views, putting more eyeballs on the ads, which doesn’t strike me as a traditionally ethical journalistic move to make. One look at the comments here and you can clearly see the kind of people you’re attracting to your station & website.

    You’re going to have to cater to these kinds of people now, taking further steps down the road to what may end up being a complete disaster. The kind of targeted Ads you’ll be hosting in the future may start to shock you.

    Good luck.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I know a couple who went to dinner a few years back, the waitress flirted with the husband, and now he is married to her……which was an upgrade from his old wife… happens people get over it….and no it wasn’t me….

  • Farmer J.

    “Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours.” So you insulted an innocent man. Unclassy.
    “I’m a personable, sarcastic a**hole in the nicest way possible.” Not possible. Jessica has a sense of entitlement, like so many other young adults. A server must never cross the line of decency between themselves and the customer… during AND after the transaction. New millennium or not, the relationship between service employee and customer is rightfully unequal.

  • Dan Gray

    Again, as I said before in another thread, What Jessica was doing could have been seen as flirting with this womans husband. Jessica may have thought she was doing nothing wrong but was well out of line. And then again just because Jessica was wearing a ring, does not mean she was married in todays time. A lot of women wear rings to try and show they are unavailable as they dont want to take the hassle of turning down men who ask them out. And just because the lady was laughing does not mean she was laughing with you Jessica, she could have been laughing at her husband’s jokes.

    So sorry Jessica, YOU are the one that blew it. get over it

    • The righteous customer.

      She defended herself after the fact. YOU’RE the one with the false sense of entitlement. Yes, that was an opinion, not fact. Much like you’re ENTIRE post. You act as if the “relationship between service employee” is more like a mountain and a deep dark pit. Im usually one to respect my elders, but not when they act as if I owe them something. It’s the attack of the “Do as I say, and not as I do” generation.

      • Dan Gray

        I have n sense of entitlement at all. Jessica screwed up. I dont care WHO you are, you do not use foul language like a–hole when you are serving someone in a public place. Your whole freaking job is to take the order, be nice and then thank them for coming. You do anything else and you have stepped over the rules of your job. If you dont like this reality, then tough too bad. I come to a place like this to eat, not to become the buddy of the server or to have them flirt with me. You take my order and bring my food and then leave me alone to enjoy it and I will leave a nice tip. You keep coming back every 5 minutes bothering me while I am trying to eat or do something not kosher, then you will be lucky if I dont report you to the manager! And if I have to go that far, then you darn sure wont be receiving any tips. And yes I have tipped well over the suggested amount and in fact when I was in California, I stopped at a Steakhouse and the steak was so good that I not only tipped the waitress, but I tipped the cook as well! If I am paying for service then thats all I want, I dont need your life story nor do I wish to date you.

    • Desiree

      I like your comment! his logic and way of thinking scares me! He clearly must have skipped over the part that said Jessica told she herself just got married last month, so im sure she wasnt wearing a ring so other men would not hassle her. Also he says she may not have thought she doing anything wrong but she could have been way out of line, now come on if this girls a waitress I’m pretty sure she would have figured out a long time ago if her the way she acts is out of line. Also I am pretty sure someone can tell if someone else is laughing with them or with someone else. Way to take a story and just completely mix it all up with scenarios you played out and thought of in your head. He obviously wanted it to look like the waitress was a horrible person to go above and beyond with insane and made up what ifs.

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