Bloomsburg Skatepark Reopens after Four Years

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg Skatepark was destroyed by floodwaters from Tropical Storm Lee back in 2011, but thanks to donations and a lot of hard work the park is back open.

Now, skaters can finally get some "fresh" air. Nick Tate, of Doylestown, is one of those skaters.

He said, "I'm really excited because we've been waiting years for this to happen. I'm a senior at the college and I've been waiting years."

The park closed in 2011 after flood waters destroyed the place. Since then, an effort to rebuild the park has been gaining momentum.

The organizer of "Rebuild Bloomsburg Skatepark," Michael Parker, says after $30,000 and a lot of donated construction work, the park is finally open for skaters.

He added, "It's great. It's just really great to see so many kids here and you know that's really what it's all about and I think this community really needs something like this."

Skaters here are thrilled to finally see this park open up. With more construction slated to take place over the next few years, they are interested to see what new twists and turns this park will have.

Gage Colwell of Bloomsburg explained, "There is a lot more things, like the quarter pipe over there. That's real fun and I can learn to skateboard and park more."

Colwell is one of the younger skaters. His father thinks the new park is a safe place where skaters can get together and teach each other new tricks.

"This is awesome for the City of Bloomsburg. It's very important that they have this. The kids are out riding other places, but now they have a safe place to come and ride. It's awesome," said Ricky Garland of Bloomsburg.

Two more construction phases are still left. Each costs $30,000. That work will be done as the money and help comes rolling in.

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