Police Officer Not Guilty of Shooting

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HARRISBURG -- A jury in Harrisburg found a police officer not guilty in the shooting death of an unarmed man from Luzerne County.

Officer Lisa Mearkle of Hummelstown was charged with homicide after she shot David Kassick, a native of West Hazleton.

Mearkle said she shot him in self-defense after he tried to flee from a traffic stop back in February.

On Thursday, the jury agreed she was not guilty.

"I'm relieved that the justice system actually worked and relieved that I'm going to get my life back. I truly wish it didn't happen. I never wanted to shoot anybody," Mearkle said.

"It's difficult when a police officer is charged with a crime. I think the general public knows cops have a tough job and they know police are out there protecting the public and they are reluctant to second guess their decision making," said Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico.

The Fraternal Order of Police called for Mearkle to get her job back after the not guilty verdict in Dauphin County.


  • Jim Allen

    How is this even possible? I watched the video, she executed this guy! he was on the ground being tazed non-stop crawling AWAY from her and she shot him in the back!!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?!?!

    • jimbrony

      I watched the video too. Far from being executed, my good man. He did not comply with orders and kept reaching towards his body. The officer feared for their life (given the cop-hate these days who can blame her) and made the choice – them or me. Perhaps if he didn’t live a drug lifestyle he would still be here.

      • Jim Allen

        I disagree, she continually tazed that poor dude for 90% of the video, you can hear the thing clicking away. Drug lifestyle or not, doesnt mean you shoot someone in the back when they are on their belly crawling away from you BEGGING for you to stop.

  • Anita Casella

    Another case of flat out murder and zero accountability! Ridiculous! As long as we allow Police to kill people on a maybe and bad judgement, something is wrong with our system!

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