New Equipment at Scranton Park

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SCRANTON -- The state's first "natural play area," located in Scranton, welcomed two more pieces of playground equipment.

With a snip of the scissors, state and local leaders welcomed a glider, which sways back and forth, and a fishing shack.

"This park has been popular beyond our wildest dreams," said Natalie Gelb, executive director of the Lackawanna Heritage Valley. "It's filled all day long even when school is out and in the evening. But these two pieces are really vital to it."

After a little more than a year of construction, the first natural play area in the state opened back in July and uses mostly materials found in nature.

"It was just all grass," added Gelb. "There wasn't much here. And there's really not much in this neighborhood for kids. I think that's why it's so popular. Although people from all over have been coming here."

People like Anne Marie Dougherty, whose grandchildren from New Jersey always need to make a visit to their new favorite park.

"I've been telling her there's new things at the playground and she couldn't wait to come and see the new things they're dedicating today," said Dougherty.

The glider even allows for two handicapped wheelchairs, making the park even more accessible.

There are plans for educational programs to take place at the park.