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Change Coming To Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- Hazleton Mayor Joe Yannuzzi lost his bid to re-run in the May primary election, so the city will have a new mayor next year.

On Election Day, just four hours after the polls opened in Hazleton, 27 percent of registered voters in the city's 3rd Ward already showed up to vote at the polling place.

"The mayor race is our most important priority right now," said Anne Marie Kaschak of Hazleton.

Voters in the city are choosing between three candidates: Democrat Jack Mundie, Republican Jeff Cusat, and Independent Scott Cahalane.

"I'm thinking Jeff Cusat or Scott Cahalane, but I am not sure yet. I'll decide when I get in there," said Christen Bodner of Hazleton.

"I'm voting for Jack Mundie because he's the best. He's going to be the best man because we want to stop crime and drugs," said Kerry Wyannes of Hazleton.

While voters are split on who should be the next mayor in Hazleton, many of them hope whoever gets the job, tackles the true issues troubling the city.

"I want a voice for the Spanish people because, everybody, Spanish or white or black is the same," said Tanya Acebo of Hazleton.

"The crime, as everyone I'm sure knows, in Hazleton has skyrocketed. We need more jobs. People can't find jobs," said Kaschak.

"Just fix the city. I don't know if it will ever go back to what it was, to what everybody thinks it was years ago, but I think it can get better," Bodner added.

The only guaranteed change on election night will be a new elected mayor in Hazleton. The hope luring people to the polls is that will spark more change in the city streets.