‘Please stop shooting my home,’ Man’s Plea to Hunters

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MILLVILLE -- Big white signs with neon writing are posted in front of Paul Roman's home and on parts of his land in Columbia County.

They read, "Pheasant hunters, please stop shooting my home and me. Thank you."

It's a problem he's been dealing with for a few years. The side of his home is filled with pellet holes

"Each year during the pheasant hunting season there are a  lot of hunters here and I seem to get peppered every year. My house got shot. My garage got shot. Last year, I got shot walking out of my house to my garage," said Paul Roman, Millville.

Roman's house is surrounded by state game land in Millville.

With pheasant season set to begin this weekend, he's taking some extra safety precautions to warn hunters about shooting too close to his property.

"It gets worse each year because people don't seem to care or respect like they used to. I mean the respect is gone, common sense, They just want to shoot a bird. They've come a long way," said Roman.

In addition to the signs, Roman also plans to alert hunters with a bullhorn. It's a tactic he hopes will keep the 150-yard safety zone near his home, clear.

"I'm setting up a 20-foot ladder stand and I will be up there with my bullhorn and camera filming all hunters in my vision in this valley here. Trying to protect myself and also my three grandchildren," said Roman.

The game commission is trying to help out in any way they can, even planting some trees to help shield the house. Roman says the signs are going to stay up just to better educate the hunters on just how far they can shoot.

"As you can see on my sign down there, bb's can go 750 feet to 950 feet and it's a safety zone, but it's for a hunter that is respectful of the law. It is a safety zone," said Roman.

The signs will stay up through November.

Roman hopes the signs will remind hunters to keep his house out of range.


    • jimbrony

      Here’s how you can protest: Right before Thanksgiving put a black coat, pants, and hat on and run through the woods, preferably State Game Lands. After Thanksgiving switch to a brown coat, pants and hat, and tie some branches on your head for camouflage.

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