Muncy Township in Dispute with Fire Company

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- A dispute between a community and its fire department has gotten to the point where the township is considering cutting ties with its volunteer fire company.

MuncyTownship officials had planned to vote at a meeting Friday morning, but decided to wait after hearing from people in the community.

It may have been 10 a.m. on a Friday, but folks still crowded the Pennsdale Civic Center which houses the Muncy Township Volunteer Fire Company. They wanted to find out why township supervisors may cut off financial support for the fire company.

"I think that would be the worst service the township supervisors could ever do to their people," said June Pewterbaugh.

The big reasons why this meeting was held stems from miscommunication over money and this building. The supervisors tell us it would be their last choice to sever ties with the fire company.

"So we were just kind of stopped. The communication stopped for some reason,” said Corey Palmetier.

Even though the fire company owns the Pennsdale Civic Center. Muncy Township has been paying the mortgage for more than ten years. Supervisors say they need more information about the fire company's overall finances.

"The idea was not to go this far. We thought we had a handshake deal a long time ago," said Paul Wentzler.

"We have nothing to hide we would give them anything they wanted," said Palmetier.

The Muncy Township Volunteer Fire Company believes it could legally operate without the township's support but may not be able to stay afloat financially. The idea of ending the relationship did not sit well with many people at the meeting and was eventually tabled.

"It is not going to go down because they'll have to have fire protection and ambulance and everything,” said Pewterbaugh.

The township supervisors tell us it will be at least another 30 days until they may announce a new plan to help resolve the dispute with the fire company.