Mom Arrested for Taking Baby from PA to Massachusetts

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PITTSTON — An amber alert ends with a mom in cuffs after officials think she ran from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts with a sick baby in tow.

Tiffany Cherry was arrested in Boston after  police believe she took her two-and-a-half month old son from a clinic against doctors’ advice.

Doctors  in Pittston wanted to admit the child for severe dehydration, but she tells officers in Boston she wanted to take the child to a major medical facility.

Authorities think she left Luzerne County Friday night.

A nurse recognized the baby’s name from the amber alert when he was admitted and called the cops.


  • John O'keefe

    if the kid was sevearlly dehydrated why didn’t she take the baby to a local hospital ?,The kid could have died while being drivivn all the way to Boston,Bad reporting or bad paranting either way that baby was in danger

  • jenniferlynn329

    Um… so the kid wasn’t kidnapped, or anything like that…? The doctors just didn’t like her method of parenting and of her choice to take the child to a different facility…? I don’t think they should have right to do that. It’s not much different than parents refusing to give their child vaccinations, and then that child dis years later due to said disease. I hope they let the woman go immediately

    • katiesuebaron

      I completely agree, and she was arrested after admitting her child to a hospital. I could see if she didn’t get him any help, but arresting a new mom who just wants the best care for her baby? Know she’s behind bars instead of with her sick child, not to mention this is a complete misuse of the Amber Alert system. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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