It’s ‘Socktober’ in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Why would students spend the whole month of October collecting socks? It's part of something called "Socktober."

Fourth grader Olivia Ciabattari was late for school in Williamsport, but she had a good reason.

"Hi, sorry I'm late. I had a dentist appointment and I have 12 pairs of socks for fourth grade,” said Olivia.

Olivia and her mom stopped to buy socks.

"Just after the dentist appointment, we went to Big Lots and I saw that there were two six-packs and I asked her if we could get them and she said yes," said Olivia Ciabattari.

Those socks will be hung up on one of the clothes line at Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School in Williamsport.

Fourth through sixth graders at the school on Eldred Street have been collecting socks for local homeless shelters all October long. The donation drive is called "Socktober."

"I think it's a great way to open their eyes to the fact that some people don't have socks," Rebecca Ciabattari said.

Anna Radspinner is the orchestra teacher at Curtin Intermediate. She heard about Socktober online.

"We know it's about to get very cold outside and socks are the thing that is overlooked at our shelters when it comes to donating," said Anna Radspinner.

All of these socks were donated by people who heard about the event online. This weekend, the school plans to collect more socks at its football game. They say anyone can bring in socks and donate.

"All they know is that they are just giving socks. They don't know how important it is to give the socks to people," said Jack Fink.

Last year fifth grader Jack Fink passed out the donated socks to several homeless shelters in Williamsport including at Family Promise where donations help people like Meisha Bailey and her daughter Harmony.

"Not a lot of homeless people have socks, it's not something you think about. No, it's not something you would really think about,” said Meisha Bailey from Williamsport.

Curtin Intermediate is accepting new donated socks throughout October.