Future of the Sunbury Halloween Parade Uncertain

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SUNBURY---There were witches and goblins, ghosts and ghouls, and of course many excited children catching candy at the annual Halloween parade in Sunbury Thursday night.

“There’s a lot of spectators, people have had their chairs sitting out all day and probably from last night too. It’s a pretty big ordeal here!” said Bonnie Wicher of Northumberland.

But the annual parade may be a thing of the past, if the Sunbury Fire Police, which organize and pay for it, don’t find more funding and more volunteers to help put it all together.

They say it costs about 3-thousand dollars to pay for the parade, which has been part of the community for more than 35 years.

“I don’t want to see it stop, I really don’t, but I mean we cannot continue taking money out of our general fund to put on a parade, so I’m hoping the community comes together and we can make it happen,” said Sunbury Fire Police Captain Bruce Colyer.

For many, being part of this parade has been a tradition and they don’t want to see it go.

“I like seeing my friends, I like passing out candy,” said Chloe Hollister of Sunbury.

“I’m been doing it now probably 35 years 'it’s a community effort, it’s a community pride,” said Phil Hallden of Northumberland.

Captain Colyer says his organization may have some fundraisers to raise money to continue this parade. Already, he says, there have been some donations for next year.

“It is a great parade and I would really hate to see them not have this parade, so hopefully the people will be out to support it and do the donations for it,” said Myra Deitrich of Shamokin Dam.