Flu Shot Season is Here

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- It's nearly flu season again.  Doctors say flu season runs from November to March, but since cases are already popping up in parts of our area, doctors recommend getting your flu shots now.

"I would encourage you to get it now because I do hear it's out in the communities already, in the local areas," Michelle Lincoln said.

Michelle Lincoln is an infection preventionist at Evangelical Community Hospital near Lewisburg. She says children, the elderly, and pregnant women are most at risk for the flu. She also says this year's shot gives better protection than in years past.

"The quadrivalent, which is four strains in the vaccine, so you're getting coverage of four different strains instead of three strains," Lincoln said.

You don't have to go to your doctor to get a flu shot. Almost every pharmacy offers them to people who just walk in.

"I think the flu shot is very important for everyone because it can be very disabling. You can get very ill with the flu," Tillie Houseknecht said.

Even so, many people choose not to get vaccinated.

"Unfortunately I'm allergic to something that's in it and it makes me sick. It puts me right down in bed for three days," Tracy Moyer said.

Moyer says because she is allergic to the flu shot, she takes extra precautions to avoid getting sick.

"I take a lot of Vitamin C," Moyer said.

Doctors say even if the type of flu that's being spread around isn't covered by the vaccine, you won't get as sick as you could have if you did not get the shot.


  • Valfreyja

    Just a fair warning: Vitamin C tests have never produced convincing evidence that the nutrient prevents colds and flus. Instances of infection occur with normal frequency in most tests done with people taking high dosages of V-C compared to the control group. Unfortunately, the evidence that it even helps shorten a cold or lessen its severity is slim at best. Most tests suggest it’s only going to be helpful to certain people under attack from specific strains of virus.

    Loading up on V-C will not protect you. Got get your shots.

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