Pittston Fire Hydrants Get Makeover

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PITTSTON -- A city in Luzerne County wants to be known for its abundance of public art.

Pittston recently unveiled a mural. Now it's giving the fire hydrants a makeover and the city wants your help in the new campaign.

To some people walking through downtown Pittston, it's like walking into a painting, especially with all public art popping up.

"I like the fact that Pittston has brought the town up," said Paul Pauliny.

Fire hydrants are the newest addition to the city's growing public art movement. One recently painted hydrant outside the fire department on Kennedy Street shows water putting out flames.

City leaders say many of Pittston's 100 hydrants will be painted in themes as part of its new "Arts on Fire" campaign.

"We have some that are going to be Italian, some maybe Tomato Festival, definitely Irish, because I'm Irish, I'd like to have an Irish one here," said Brian Matyjevich, member of Pittston Parks and Recreation committee.

Artists say when painting the hydrants, it's important to keep safety precautions in mind.

"The visibility of the fire hydrants is super-important so I want to go with bright colors," said artist Franks Christopher.

The Arts on Fire campaign uses contributions from donors to pay the artists, including Franks Christopher.

"It's good for the culture and also it pretties the city up," Christopher said.

Many people in Pittston agree the new project adds to Pittston's already colorful downtown.

"That's really nice there because I'm a volunteer fireman, too, here in Pittston for many years and I think that's a good idea they're doing that," said Bruce Bartuska of Avoca.

For about $150, organizations or individuals can request what gets painted on a hydrant.

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