Mattress Plant to Close in Schuylkill County

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DELANO TOWNSHIP -- The doors are closing for one mattress plant in Schuylkill County.

Leggett & Platt in Delano Township will close on October 4.

According to union representatives, the plant that makes mattress coils is closing as part of a consolidation within the Missouri-based company.

Joshua Joseph worked at the plantĀ for years back when Seely owned it. Seely sold the plant to Leggett & Platt about a year and a half ago.

"It was a good job," said Joseph. "It wasn't very strenuous. It was hot but good people that worked there."

Now, many of Joseph's friends in the community are scrambling to find work.

"It's disappointing because a lot of my buddies work there and are going to be laid off and there's not many jobs around anymore so it's pretty upsetting," he added.

People in the community are sad to see one of Delano's biggest employers leaving.

"That's a hard hit to the community without the tax money," said Fire Chief Scott Derr.

"It means a lot," said Jay Ryan, town ship supervisor. "It's one of the bigger plants here. We only have one other big plant so it does mean a lot to the community."

All that's left for the people of this township with a population of about 800 is to wonder what's next.

"Try to keep the businesses coming back in and see if the plant goes up for sale or what they're going to do with it," Derr added. "Hopefully somebody will buy it and take it over."

Union representatives told Newswatch16 that some employees will stay on past that closing date to help pack up.

There is no word yet on what will happen next to the building in Delano Township.

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  • John Warmkessel

    Well they most likely plan on selling the building also, because you have already started to see this in Schuylkill County and you will see lot more of it. Buildings and real estate put up for sale, changing ownership. Because of the Rt 61 project being completed, its going to revive Schuylkill County and give it a large boost in real estate and employment. Can’t wait to see what Walmart, Wegmans, Lowes and alot of the other distribution centers do when they realize that the real estate market in this are is doing 100% better. Meaning real estate prices, taxes and the cost of living go up. To all in Pottsville and surrounding areas you might want to start to ask for raises. Rents and property are going to spike here in Schuylkill County come 2016.

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