What Should Happen to Kathleen Kane?

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Now that Attorney General Kathleen Kane's law license has been temporarily suspended, the question is whether she can keep doing all that the elected office requires.

The comments starting coming in soon after the story posted to WNEP's Facebook page, one person saying, "get rid of her, I'm a Democrat and if she were a Republican, we Democrats would want her out."

Others called the case against her a witch hunt and insisted she's innocent until proven guilty.

Some think she should stay in office until trial.

"She should have some kind of job over there, only fair, things happen, just don't get rid of someone like that," said Waymart resident Jerry Freas.

Former Wayne County District Attorney Mark Zimmer, now in private practice, represented former Governor Corbett after Kane began investigating his handling of the Sandusky investigation that started on Gov. Corbett's watch.

Zimmer says enough political pressure may mount to the point where Kane may be forced to make a decision about her future as AG,

"If you get to the point where the business of attorney general grinds to a halt, then politically something has to be done," said Zimmer.

Kane's isn't just the state's top prosecutor. Her office defends state agencies in court and handles cases involving financial investment matters.

In light of the suspension of Kane's law license, Zimmer says it is in the state's best interest for Kane to resign.

"The whole cloud that's been over this office, and still remains over this office at this point, in spite of the suspension, affects all of us," Zimmer added.


  • djpekala

    She has received votes of no confidence from the governor on down. In the best interest of her office, her employees, and the tax paying citizens of Pa she needs to resign.

  • rnasca

    She was elected and is being paid to perform the entire duties of the her office. If she cannot perform the numerous functions requiring a legal license she cannot fulfill all her obligations so she must resign.

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