Vandals Smash Windows at Middle School

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SUMMIT HILL -- Police are looking into a vandalism spree in one part of Carbon County.

Vandals hit the Panther Valley Middle school in Summit Hill and nearby soccer fields over the weekend, causing a grand total of about $7,000 in damages.

Police found several smashed windows and a smashed door on a routine patrol early Saturday morning at the Panther Valley Middle School in Summit Hill.

Superintendent Dennis Kergick says eight sets of windows and an access door need to be replaced.

"It's pretty disheartening," said Kergick. "I think it's a beautiful building. It's only eight years old and there's a lot of great things that go on in that building."

Damage is still visible days after, and the insurance is estimating the bill to be at least $7,000.

It's news that upset a former Panther Valley teaching assistant from Coaldale.

"It's a sad thing," said Michelle Miller. "I'm very sorry to hear about that because the schools around here are such good schools and good people and good children."

"While the access door and windows were being smashed, the school's security camera was watching the vandals in the act.

"It might be a kid. We have good video surveillance of somebody on a four wheeler that we're going to be following up with," said Brian Horos, Summit Hill police department.

Police also discovered vandalism to a nearby soccer field.

Photos from the Panther Valley Youth Soccer Association's Facebook page show porta potties overturned and attempts were made to break into the concession stand.

Police believe the two incidents are related.

The school and the panther valley community say they are looking for answers.

"I don't know why people are doing this; it's a shame," Miller added.

Panther valley school officials say they had these same windows vandalized about two years ago.

Anyone with information about this latest crime is asked to call Summit Hill police at 570-645-7429.