Restaurant Owner Attacked and Robbed in Dunmore

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DUNMORE -- Police in Dunmore are looking for the person who attacked and robbed a man as he left work over the weekend.

The attack took place outside a restaurant in Dunmore and the victim was the restaurant's owner.

Martin Coar says he was closing up Two Brothers restaurant on Drinker Street around midnight on Saturday when he was attacked and robbed in the back alley.

Coar is bruised from head to toe after he was attacked and robbed outside the restaurant in Dunmore.

"My car was parked right here and as I got in the car my window was open and I got in the car, and you can see there: pepper spray all over there," Coar recalled. "He just squirted me like crazy with pepper spray."

Coar says the incident happened in the back of the restaurant after the place closed on Saturday night.

"So, I come around and there he is. He's hiding right there, so I took off and of course, I got down here maybe right about to here. He passed me out, now he's facing me and I say, 'What am I going to do? I got to protect myself.' He came at me and I tried to grab him and when I did, he just squirted me again with pepper spray."

The Coar family says they have had this restaurant in Dunmore for the past 17 years, and while there have been some minor issues, nothing like this has ever happened.

The owner says the attacker got away with a money bag, a laptop computer, paperwork, and bills.

"I feel so violated it's unbelievable," Coar said. "You work your brains out for 17 years here and suddenly they take a lot away from you. Those papers I can't replace."

Coar was treated for his injuries at the scene and reported the incident to Dunmore police, who did not want to comment on the investigation.

The Coar family hopes the attacker is caught soon, especially Martin's son Marty who also works at the restaurant.

"To see my dad like that and for me not to be around that night made it even worse," he said.

The Coar family says they plan to take extra safety precautions when coming in and out of the restaurant from now on.

If you have any information on Saturday night's attack in Dunmore, you are asked to contact the Dunmore police.