Pumpkins Ready to be Picked in Union County

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- Now that it is almost autumn, many people are in the mood for pumpkins!

Dozens of bright orange pumpkins fill the bins in front of Ard's Farm near Lewisburg. Employees say people start buying pumpkins right after Labor Day up until Halloween.

"We're not in full swing by any fact of the matter, but we're definitely starting to move some pumpkins," said Alan Ard.

While the pumpkins may look perfect, Ard's Farm owner Alan Ard says he was concerned about this year's crop.

"This year it was wet early and when the plants or seeds hit the ground, because it was so wet, they didn't develop a really nice root system because they didn't have to search for water like a lot of times they do that time of year."

Ard says the pumpkins are a bit smaller this year but that didn't stop Chris Fink from buying some. She came to Ard's Farm from Jersey Shore.

"They have great pumpkins. I was here and didn't get enough so I came back to get more."

Despite Ard's initial concerns, he says the crop turned out a lot better than he expected.

"The quality of the pumpkin is there," Ard said. "They've got decent handles. Because it dried up here in the past couple of weeks, that's actually better."

As for Fink, she found quite a few pumpkins she liked.

"We're only going to get ten," she added with a laugh, noting that she already has ten. "We decorate in our landscaping."

Starting this weekend, Ard's Farm will have hayrides out to its pumpkin patch, where people can pick their own pumpkins.