Old Forge Teachers On Strike

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OLD FORGE -- Teachers are on strike in a school district in Lackawanna County.

The teachers in the Old Forge School District hit the picket line Monday morning.

They have been working without a contract for six years.

The teachers union says it's the longest unsettled contract in the state.

The main sticking points are money, benefits, and class sizes.

Teachers were on the picket line for three weeks in 2013.

The superintendent tells Newswatch 16 the current walk-out could last as long as 15 school days.


  • Corrine Huggler

    the teachers of old forge are very greedy. the kids and teachers belong in school, they need an eduation for their future. the people here .are on fixed incomes. they cannot afford incease. as an old forge grad go back to the classroom.

  • Frank DeNunzio II

    I am so tired of hearing that teachers are striking — I can understand the whole classroom size thing, but you know what, striking isn’t going to resolve that at all… As for the benefits argument, let me tell you this — I can guarantee that many of the students at these schools, not just Old Forge, come from families where a parent is making around 1/2 of what the average teacher’s salary is, and guess what — like the rest of us working people who aren’t teachers, they pay for health insurance through their companies, just like the rest of us do. But for some reason these teachers seem to think that they are exempt from paying for benefits.
    “Wah Wah Wah, I’m a teacher coming from a school district with an average salary of $45k but I am too cheap to allow insurance where we have co-pays or where I might have to pay something every week into it. Let the working families in the district pick up the tab and add it onto the money they already pay out for their own families coverages.”
    These teachers should wake up and enter reality.
    When you are teaching your students about preparing for the real world, why don’t you also inform them that while the rest of the working world has to pay for benefits, teachers are instead part of an elite group, right up there with politicians, so they don’t pay for benefits.
    Grow up and enter the real world – exactly what are you teaching our children ?
    Strikes and unions used to be about bettering working conditions and fixing unfair work practices — isn’t that what the teachers tell students when it comes to history ? Exactly what unfair practice or improper working conditions are they trying to resolve ? Because being asked to pay something into benefits is not unfair at all — it is completely reasonable and just a fact of life for everyone else in the working world.

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