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Murder Motivated by Love Triangle?

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- A man was shot and killed in his own home, and police say it's the boyfriend of the victim's estranged wife who pulled the trigger.

Police say Samuel Vacante was shot in the back at his home in Drums.

Authorities in Luzerne County charged Eleazar Yisrael Wednesday with the murder. They say he was having a relationship with the victim's estranged wife.

Officials in Luzerne County held a news conference Wednesday afternoon. Police say they're not positive at this point about the motivation for the murder, but we do know that the suspect is dating the victim's estranged wife.

Police say Eleazar Yisrael of Hazleton shot and killed Samuel Vacante at Vacante's own home in Drums.

This whole case started as a missing person investigation back on August 31.

Police say Vancate's estranged wife Lisa Vancate called 911 to say he was missing.

Vacante's car, a white Kia sedan, was also missing.

Investigators eventually found the car near Yisrael's home on West 10th Street in Hazleton.

During a search last week, they also found Vacante's guns, knives, and watches on Yisrael.

Police also searched Vancate's home where they found blood in his garage.

Investigators say Yisrael used bleach to get rid of evidence.

"(Yisrael) attempted to clean the scene, dispose the evidence and hide the body," said Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.

Over the weekend, police found Vacante's body in the woods near Albrightsville in Carbon County. He was wrapped in a camping tent and decomposing.

So far, Yisrael is not admitting to the crime. Police say he is not cooperating, and during a 15-minute arraignment in Sugarloaf Township, he talked over the magistrate the entire time and refused to answer any questions.

We asked investigators if they think this case is a love triangle gone wrong. Police would only say they are still investigating what the motive may be, however they did confirm how the victim and suspect knew each other.

"Lisa Vacante was still currently married to the victim and she was also involved in a romantic relationship with the defendant," said Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Robert Bartal.

Police would only say that Lisa Vacante is cooperating with police at this time.



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    Associating with africans is like playing Russian roulette with 5 rounds in the cylinder. Odds are it will end badly for you, or someone you know. Especially if you’re a smokejumper. Nice going, Lisa. Hopefully you get charged, too.

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