School Bus Shot with Pellets on First Day of School

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- The first day of school turned rather frightening for one student just catching the bus.

It was a surprising start to the first day of school for one Pocono Mountain student. District officials say they believe one of their buses was hit by pellets fired from a gun along Burnside Drive in A Pocono Country Place.

Alfredo Eurotto lives on Burnside Drive and says his niece was supposed to be on that school bus, but stayed home because she didn’t feel well.

"I'm glad that she didn't go and I'm glad also that no one got hurt with this person shooting at the school bus,” said Eurotto.
District officials say one student, a driver, and a bus monitor were all on board when pellets hit the windshield and several bus windows. A school spokeswoman says those windows later shattered after the damaged bus was hauled back to the garage.

"That's so bad, and that's so sad for this area. That's scary for the people, of course everybody wouldn't like it,” said Olga Timtshouck who owns a vacation home in a Pocono Country Place.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are investigating the shooting that they say happened right around 6:15 in the morning. As of right now, there aren’t any suspects.

Neighbors along Burnside Drive say everyone including parents should pay closer attention as students catch the school bus, until police find out who fired these shots and why.

"Walk their kids to the bus stop or drive the kids,” Eurotto.

The Pocono Mountain School District released this statement saying:

“We do not know yet who did this or why. It certainly is not funny or safe to throw or fire anything at a school bus or other vehicles. Thankfully no one was hurt this morning.”

Others who are a part of the neighborhood crime watch say whoever is responsible needs to be caught.

"I don't know but it's so sad, you don't shoot things like that at a bus, at nobody,” said crime watch member Eileen Cruz.


  • Bobby

    In all seriousness there needs to be tougher laws on BB guns, there are so many little kids with them including middle schoolers and elementary schoolers. They aren’t very smart and they think they’re funny.

  • One Who Knows

    Was NEVER like this in the Poconos when I was younger… I am in my early 60’s now and believe me I do see the changes and they are NOT for the better ! It is very sad when parents can’t even put their children on a school bus without something like this happening!!…our world is becoming a war zone no matter where we live ? very sad indeed. I hope they find these lousy scoundrels !

  • sickofmonsters

    Whoever did this you are a loser a coward and a low-life. What goes around comes around and you better watch your back when these parents find you out!

  • the duke of the leprechaun stage coach

    This is your liberal world you all molded, a mass of angry cry babies
    flipping their lid if they don’t get there way.
    Shooting a school bus with anything should be a federal offence.

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