Woman With 122 Cats Speaks Out

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP  --  The SPCA took more than 120 cats from a home in Monroe County.

On Friday, the woman who was caring for those cats explained why she did it.

Hollie Ingram says she was keeping more than 100 cats in her home in Henryville. She said she's been doing this for the past nine years with the hopes of opening an animal sanctuary.

"Ever since I was 12 years old, I wanted to help cats because homeless cats have nowhere to go. They either get put down or they die of starvation," explained Ingram.

The SPCA got a tip about just how many cats were living here from local authorities and removed a total of 122 cats Thursday.

They say cats and some kittens were living in filthy, flea infested conditions.

Ingram says giving up the animals wasn't easy.

"It was probably the hardest thing that I've ever done in my life, but I thought of them. I had to put aside my feelings of selfishness," said Ingram.

This cat lover said she had considered at times, giving up, "But then I looked at the cats, and they meow at me and they're just so happy that they're inside, that they're not outside and they're not starving."

Ingram says although more than 100 of her animals were taken from her home, she still plans to open an animal sanctuary.

"I am going to have my sanctuary, not here, but in a facility that is proper. It is going to be the sanctuary where you can come and drop off homeless cats."

SPCA officials are treating the cats for injuries.

They were taken to shelters in the Philadelphia and Danville areas and will be up for adoption.


  • Unknown

    I dont care what anyone here says ok 1st. i know miss ingram personally and atleast she tryed to help yes she is going to keep going with her shelter the only diffrence is that she is waiting untill it is up and running to allow animals to be put down. 2nd. the news reporters were never in the house there for they do not know what the conditions of the house are i have been in there so i do know what it is like and believe it or not she did an amazing job at taking care of the cats. I dont care what any of you people are she tryed to help the cats that you people through out in the bad conditions that she found them in. so miss ingram to you ma’an i salute you. keep up the good word.

  • Go away

    Want to know what crazy looks like? Just look into that woman’s eyes. If you can get past whatever weird pierced things she has hanging there.

  • Jason

    I worked at the SPCA in williamsport for 3 years, and actually helped in getting cats out of one home in Muncy. This person actually bought a house just to put their cats in…they didn’t live in there, but the house had over 185 cats in it. There was mounds of poop all over, pee smells, cats were missing eyes, fur or hurt due to the fights between them, and we ended up having to wear masks and items over our shoes just to walk in. The place was a disaster, as the cats were seized and adopted out eventually (24 had to be put down due to illnesses), and the house had to be demolished.

    This kind of thing is a sickness, as people think they’re helping out, but they’re not. These people make themselves sick from living in those kind of conditions, and cat pee does not come out, so just imagine what the place would smell like, or what the lady would smell like. It’s a shame that she’ll either gather more cats in that home, or move to another place and start all over again. If people want to feel sorry for the lady, just go to the SPCA’s where the cats were taken, and have a look at them. I’m sure the cats were not in the best of shape.


    122 cats, that is a lot of sweat and sour chicken. Why are all you people complaining ?
    Wah, now we have to do something with these things, wah, now someone needs to tend to these animals.
    Send them to Ching Bing Dows in Scranton for the Buffett and be done with it.


      Once again, take your comments elsewhere.
      Stick to the psycho chat rooms that you more enjoy, along with the interfered non worshipping head of lettuce in the stars, instead of your dumb comments on WNEP you idiot !


    But yet its okay for women to keep hatching out unlimited numbers of brats, are you people stupid?

  • erichunt

    Okay. So this lady is so devoted to building her “sanctuary” that she didn’t even bother to spay or neuter the freakin animals. What a liar. Miss Ingram, if you are reading this, please get yourself checked for toxoplasmosis. It really is a serious issue, and you may have some health problems that you are not aware of. You were not building a sanctuary. There is something wrong with you.

  • Captain Cat Pee

    Yeah, a sanctuary. Okay. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. Perfectly normal to live in filth, huffing noxious cat spray fumes all day and night. Sanctuary. Yeah. Good for you. What a hero. clap…clap…clap.

  • Ugh

    This woman is most likely ill and she doesn’t even realize it. Please do a little research on Toxoplasmosis, or “cat lady parasite”. There is some scientific evidence showing that these crazy cat people REALLY ARE sick. It’s not normal. Look, I have a cat too…as in ONE cat, and he is just fine by himself. He doesn’t need 150 buddies peeing all over the house. Can you imagine how disgusting this lady’s place smells? It turns my stomach just thinking about it.

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