Wilkes-Barre Kidnapping Victim Says She Wasn’t Kidnapped

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police said a teenager was kidnapped last month right in front of her home by an ex-boyfriend waving a gun, even firing it in the air. The teen now says she sees it differently.

It was just a few weeks ago along Eastview Drive,  when police say 16-year-old Jenea Patterson was arriving home with some friends, and her ex-boyfriend Walter Lewis was waiting for her. He had a gun, and police believe he used it to threaten others around him while he kidnapped her.  On Thursday, Patterson told a different story.

Police believe 21-year-old Walter Lewis kidnapped Patterson last month, which prompted a statewide Amber Alert.

On Thursday, Patterson said she was not kidnapped, and went with Lewis on her own.

“I don't take that it was kidnapping. I went willingly, so I’m going to basically say that,” Patterson said.

When asked how she can she say she went willingly after witnesses say Lewis threatened them a gun, and even fired a shot into the air, she told Newswatch 16 this:

“I decided to go, that's why.”

Patterson's father says his daughter is traumatized, and she's in denial about what happened. Patterson maintains she still has feelings for Lewis.

“I care about him,” she said.

A man who drove Patterson home the night she was kidnapped had previously told Newswatch 16 that Jenea was screaming that night for Lewis to stop. That witness also said Patterson went with Lewis so no one else got hurt, because Lewis broke his nose after pistol whipping him.

The preliminary hearing that was scheduled for Thursday was continued and is scheduled for  next month.


  • sickofitall

    I already knew this, could tell by her picture. She hangs around with the wrong kind of guys, you can tell by the way she wears her makeup and plucks her eyebrows. You can’t save people like her, she’ll always run back to her abuser and protect him. Just pray to God, even if you don’t believe!, that they never have children!!!

  • The Biotch of NE PA

    Jeez, the poor his has already been gaslighted. She’s setting herself up to chase after abusers for the rest of her life. I hope her parents get her into some sort of DV counseling. She needs help.

  • prettygirl

    Seems they both planned it out bc the parents didn’t like it…I thought the same from beginning…just a way for her to get away run away with a man much older than her …and now claiming she loves him so it makes since …it was all a setup

  • DC

    Knew this was fake when I first heard about it. Arrest this girl too for smoking under age and false report of kidnapping

      • J

        That’s why they call it a plan and the boyfriend probably didn’t like the guy friend so he broke his nose she’s a teenager in love

  • Hanny

    Had a gut feeling this was no kidnapping when first heard about this. Yea, she is certainly going to go far in life with the way she behaves. Go back to school, arrest her for smoking under age, make sure she is on birth control, make her get a job.

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